My name is Sanket Kanjalkar (aka sanket1729).
You can find me on social media platforms by the id @sanket1729.
I got A+ in all courses during my Master's programme. But you know what, "No one cares :) ".

I find excuses to use rust in almost all projects that I do :), like this website.

I am a avid fan of chess. Feel free to add me on Lichess and send me a challenge. I will play Queen's Gambit Declined with white pieces.

Fingerstyle guitarist since 2018, still a noob. But I want to learn to ply "On Cloud 9" by Sungha Jung one day. Almost all guitarists suck, don't be shy to ask me for a jam :). Let's suck together.

Lucky are the people who get to work research full-time on what they like. And for that I am thankful awesome mentors Pieter Wuille, Andrew Poelstra at Blockstream research and a special thanks for Ruben Somsen for helping me get started. My current projects are Miniscript and Simplicity.

I graduated with B'Tech from IIT Bombay CS with a major in computer science. If I had to pick a time of my life which I would relive, it would be the four years of stay at IIT Bombay all over again.

I also completed my master's in CS with Prof. Andrew Miller at UIUC focus on cryptocurrencies and applied cryptography. You can find my thesis on MPC and zk-SNARKs here.

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